The Ayurveda Spa

This formula is also available at our new center located in the south of France. An excellent way to relax, recharge and balance the doshas at physical and also emotional levels. An excellent opportunity to reach our natural state of peace. A gift you can ofer yourself or those you love, also a great opportunity to spend a whole day with your partner or a friend. If you plan a trip to France and wish to have a spa, do not hesitate to contact us at (33) 09 54 51 02 07.

During the day you will be receiving the following procedures:

- Abhyanga - the Ayurvedic body massage using herbs and oils specific to your constitution;
- Shirodhara - the application of a continuous thread of worm oil;
- Swedana - sauna to detoxify the whole body;
- Lunch - a nutritious and vegetarian lunch;
- Garshan - friction with salt and herbs to cleanse the skin and also purify the aura;
- The Ayurvedic facial treatment with facial massage and application of masks;
A nourishing, vegetarian meal will be served to you. Please consult the website in order to learn more about these procedures. Please note that not all procedures are suitable for everybody.

The SPA days are organized at our Ayurveda Treatment and Training Center in La Liviniere, France.

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